Quality Power Solutions for the Digital AgeCombination of waveform correction, surge protection and low pass filtration to solve your facilities electrical problems. 

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Nowhere is business process automation more prevalent than the modern industrial facility. There is constant pressure on facility managers to increase productivity and efficiency.

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An average home in the US has over $20,000 worth of electrical appliances that are subjected to damaging effects of surges and noise. EP offers a wide variety of filters to protect your home. 

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EV Charging Stations

Is our current distribution system good enough to handle the surge in EV sales? EP Inc provides complete protection to your home and EV with its high-end product line.

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Data Center

Data centers are energy hoggers. They need additional filtration to conserve energy and run at much cooler temperatures. 

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Medical devices require precision and accuracy, that can only be achieved with "good power quality"

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Disinfection and Sterilization

Patented electronics to effectively generate UVC for disinfecting purposes. 100% designed, made and tested in the USA. 99.99% kill rate on bacteria and virus including SARS-CoV-2

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Commercial facilities rely on power for critical applications such as lighting, elevators, credit card processing machines and inventory control systems.

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Solar energy has positive impact on global warming. However, increased solar panels in the market adds cost to the power quality.

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High-end audio market

For audiophiles, the sound and music have to be "perfect". Explore how EP products help clean up line noise for the audio market. 

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The move towards electronic ballasts, LED’s, and HID’s have significantly enhanced the efficiency of lighting systems. However, these new technologies are extremely sensitive to frequency noise resulting in nearly constant maintenance, flickering, and reduced return on investment.

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Power Quality Audit and reporting

30 years of experience in engineering measurements, auditing, and reporting in the USA and Asia, complying with national and international standards. 

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Casinos and Gaming

Casino and gaming is $227 billion market worldwide. This entertainment industry is subjected to constant technological advancement, with data security as the priority.

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Environmental Potentials’ waveform correction technology can be applied to nearly every application in the electrical environment. However, sometimes selecting the correct unit can be a daunting task. EP is here to help.

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EP Labs is proud to introduce EP-HPF to your residential panels. HPF (Home Protection Filter) is a combination of SPD and a patented noise filtration circuit. 

88kA Surge capacity with noise filtration

EP Labs is proud to introduce EP-HPF to your residential panels. HPF (Home Protection Filter) is a combination of SPD and a patented noise filtration circuit. 

Protection 24/7

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EP LightingFeatured Product

EP Lighting, Inc (EPL) is EP Inc’s Lighting division. Established in 2018, EPL designed and produced various lighting solutions for the market. One of our most popular product lines is the UV-KLEEN Series, a perfect combination of UVC, Ozone, and OH radicals.

Truly tested, proven to kill 99.99% on virus and bacteria


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