Dirty electricity is a big problem in every house and is always an under-rated subject for any household. Dirty electricity is inevitable for any house, and it causes detrimental effects such as reduced life span, increased power bills, and permanent damage to your home appliances. $30,000 worth of electronics are subjected to the harmful effects of dirty electricity in an average single-family home in the USA, with about $8,000 cost of damage per surge incident. Luckily, electrical filters are available in the market that can completely filter out the dirty electricity to make it clean and reliable.

What are clean electricity and Dirty electricity?

Clean electricity is the power signal we receive from power (utility) companies. Clean electricity is a sinusoidal 60Hz 120V signal without any surges or noise. On the other hand, dirty electricity is the electrical signal with the noise and surges riding on top of the signal that we get from the power companies. In other words, 

Dirty electricity is full of surges, transients, and noises that transmit throughout the house, to the other houses – all the way to your transformer on the street. During its travel, the dirty electricity reaches every additional electrical load in the house, including your sophisticated smart electronics.

What are the sources of dirty electricity in your home?

The source of dirty electricity in your home is your smart electrical loads. Traditionally, we used linear loads that were 100% resistive in nature, ex: incandescent bulbs and simple heating coils that run of AC signal at 60Hz. However, modern electrical loads use a sophisticated “switching” mechanism that converts AC to DC and vice-versa for its operation. These modern loads are also called “nonlinear” loads that often switch at much higher frequencies up to 300kHz. The switching mechanism adapted by the nonlinear loads creates a tremendous level of electrical noise in the system, thus making the “dirty power”. The resultant dirty power is non-sinusoidal, noisy with surges and high peaks.

Dirty electricity causes serious electrical problems in your house:

The dirty electricity carrying unwanted electrical noise causes the electronics to perform poorly with low efficiency. Surges and transients can cause permanent damage to the electrical appliance, while the noise reduces the system’s performance. The other consequences of dirty electricity in your house are program loss, computer reboots, hot-to-touch appliances, and increased power bills.

How do you clean up the dirty electricity?

We clean water and air using filters before consuming them to maintain quality and healthy life. Similarly, the dirty power needs to be filtered for noises before our electrical loads consume it. There are two ways to clean up the dirty electricity in your home:

1)    Use a surge protection device (SPD) at the main electrical panel that can remove the surges and transients from the dirty electricity


2)    Use an electrical filter (low pass) at the main electrical panel to remove the electrical noise from the dirty electricity


How does EP filter the dirty electricity? 

Environmental Potentials, Inc (EP) filters combine two patented technologies into one single unit to clean up the dirty electricity. The two unique technologies are:

1)    Waveform Correction Technology has an in-built tank circuit to absorb and dissipate the electrical noise.

2)    Robust SPD with self-healing thermal MOVs to quickly absorb and dissipate fast-rising surges and transients.


EP filters could offer 100% protection 24/7 from surges and noise with these two unique technologies. The compact size of the unit enables it to be installed on any electrical panel in every house (single, multi-family, townhouse, and villas). EP filters offer guaranteed surge protection and noise removal, filtering the dirty electricity to make it clean and sinusoidal.


By converting the dirty electricity into clean electricity, the EP filters

1)    Enhance the life of appliances

2)    Reduces power bills

3)    Increases efficiency and performance of your appliances

Waveform Correction Technology

Where to buy EP filters and how to install them?

Contact EP sales at sales@ep2000.com to know about your local distributor. A certified electrician is required to install the EP filter on your main electrical panel. EP’s licensed electricians can help you install the product in all 50 states.