UVC SOLUTIONS Patented, tested UVC solutions

EP Lighting, Inc (EPL) is EP Inc’s Lighting division. Established in 2018, EPL designed and produced various lighting solutions for the market. One of our most popular product lines is the UV-KLEEN Series, a perfect combination of UVC, Ozone, and OH radicals.

UVC-254nm from patented induction based lighting technologies:

EPL’s UV-KLEEN technology uses highly powerful Induction based UV irradiation and Ozone to disinfect both the surface and the Air. Controlled Ozone helps the UV to reach farther distances and kill pathogens by 99.99%. UV-KLEEN uses an additional air circulation system to pull the infected Air into the units and pass it across the UV lamps. The UV lamp disinfects the Air, blowing out clean, disinfected, and odor-free Air back into the room. UV-KLEEN is eco-friendly and leaves no residue. 60,000 hours of durable life with zero maintenance gives you peace of mind. UV-KLEEN is patented, Made in the USA, FDA registered and approved, and tested on Covid19 coronavirus with a kill rate of 99.99%. UV-KLEEN offers a complete facility disinfecting system.

UV-KLEEN product line:

  1. PortableAirKleen – Portable unit can be moved from room to room
  2. RoomAirVac – Permanently installed room disinfection
  3. TransportAirKleen – Permanently installed unit for your transportation needs, such as school buses, ambulances, etc.
  4. BuildingAirKleen – a complete system for air handlers in your building

UV-KLEEN can be used by all industries, specifically healthcare, schools, public transportation, community centers, and commercial shopping complexes. EPL can provide custom solutions to address market requirements.

The top 5 reasons why UV-KLEEN is needed for this market:

  1. The only product that is tested to kill Covid19 Coronavirus by 99.9% in the USA labs
  2. The only product that is FDA registered with national and international safety certifications
  3. The only product that can kill pathogens in under 5 min with a 99.99% kill rate.
  4. The only product that has UVC and optional Ozone
  5. The only product that has 60,000 hours of lamp life.

For more information, please visit our lighting websites at eplightinc.com and uvkleen.us