Casino and Gamingsurge protection and waveform correction for slot machines

Casino and gaming is a $227 billion market worldwide. This entertainment industry is subjected to constant technological advancement, with data security as the priority.
Casinos and gaming centers have tons of LED and display lighting along with sophisticated slot machines. The “dirty” power generated by LED display lighting and elevator could malfunction sensitive electronic loads such as slot machines. The “dirty” power can increase the power consumption of the slot machine and decrease its longevity.
EP’s patented waveform correction technology is successfully installed its special PX machines at slot machines worldwide, increasing their lifetime and decreasing the power consumption.

Main Panel Protection with Counter and Alarm (800-4000A)

For panel Main Panel Protection with Counter and Alarm+ (800-4000A)

Main Panel Protection (300-800A)

Point of Equipment (up to 300A)

Lighting Panel Protection (up to 800A)

For DIN rail applications

OEM for any other electrical load

High Frequency Noise Filter

For Lighting Fixtures