Naveen Tera

Vice President, Engineering

Naveen Tera

Naveen Tera serves as Vice President, Engineering for EP Inc USA, and Sr Vice President, Operations and Technology for EP Lighting, Inc.

Naveen is an experienced Electrical Engineering leader with extensive engineering experience throughout the product life cycle. Starting for EP Inc in the year 2008, Naveen built and managed multiple national and international engineering teams in a diverse culture to release highly reliable and quality electrical products.

Naveen is our Subject Matter Expertise with experience of design and developing patented power quality solutions for commercial and industrial applications worldwide. Naveen comes with both high volume consumer electronics manufacturing and low volume custom product manufacturing expertise.

His technical leadership along with entrepreneurial skillset helped to expand EP into Southeast Asian countries. He currently serves as a board member for EP and all its subsidiaries worldwide. Naveen holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and an Executive MBA from the University of Utah, USA.

Naveen is an active volunteer with the local STEM chapter, educating high school kids about robotics, logical thinking, and engineering concepts.