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An average home in the US has over $20,000 worth of electrical appliances that are subjected to damaging effects of surges and noise. The surges cause millions of dollars of damage to the electrical systems every year, with an average insurance claim of $5,869 per surge incident in 2013 for the US residential market. Although the amount shown above only reflects in the instantaneously damaged electrical loads per incident, thousands of dollars of damage are “slowly causing” to the residential market.

Source of surges:

The surges primarily come into your home in two ways, external and internal. External surge sources are the lighting and utility disturbances. Internal surges are the switching transients generated by your regular home appliances such as refrigerators, motors, LED lighting, printers, audio/video systems, etc. While the external surges are less than 10% of the facility’s surges, the rest 90% are from internal sources.

Ringing noise in the system:

Most home appliances use a switching mechanism to operate efficiently, leaving out residual switching noise in the electrical system. The switching noise is inevitable, irrespective of how new or expensive your appliance is. The switching noise “rings” within the facility, causing further amplifying the noise. The amplification of such is the “internally” generated surge or switching transient that causes the damaging effect to the other expensive appliances.

The damaging effects of the surges are:

1. Complete damage to the appliance, making it un-operable
2. Malfunction or erratic nature of the load, causing load tripping, noise from the audio systems
3. Excessive heat generation, resulting in “hot to touch” appliance, or increased power bill
4. Premature damage to the appliance, shortening the life of the appliances

Surge Strips are NOT enough:

Many homeowners believe that the surge strips used in the home are sufficient to protect their home appliances. Still, the reality is that the surge takes various paths to get into the house, and it is impossible for a surge strip to divert all the surges to itself and protect your loads. In addition to the surges, the noise on the power line is another major issue for the audiophile industry.

Audiophiles spend thousands of dollars on their systems to get pristine audio quality without any noise. For them, the noise on the power line is directly related to the audio system’s noise. A homeowner must need a “complete home protection with noise filter” to protect their sensitive electrical loads and to remove noise on the system.


EP Residential filters, upgraded home protection + filtration system, UL listed type 2 SPD, CSA C22.2 EMI filter, protect the home from internal and external surges. In addition to removing the surges, EP units can also act as a filter removing constantly generated ringing noise amongst the appliances. EP filters can be retrofitted to any manufacturer’s electrical panel without hassle, easily mountable with visible LED status indicators. The homeowner is constantly adding sophisticated electronics to their home, such as smart systems, gaming machines, laptops, high-end home theatre systems, and it’s critical to protect their hard-earned money from the surges and noise generated in the system. EP filters could protect your $100,000 appliances, increasing their lifetime. The ROI could be as low as one year for typical home installation.

Harmonics noise from a single-family home before installing EP-2050

A complete removal of harmonics noise after installing EP-2050

THREE Popular Models: 2050EE, 2050 and HPF

EP Residential filters comes in three sizes: 2050EE (up to 300A panels), 2050 (up to 200A panels) and HPF (up to 150A panels). Here are the differences and similarities between these product lines.


Technology and Design
Filter vs SPD
Heat dissipation
Panel Amperage
Case Structure
Application Areas
Applicable Market
Low pass filter + SPD + Ground mode protection (Not Patented)
GOOD heat sinking capabilities for noise
L-N, L-L, L-G
Up to 200A panels
Rectangular plastic case
Smaller homes and Mobile Homes
Designed for Asia and USA residential market
EP 2050
Low pass filter + SPD + Patented HF noise filteration (Patented)
BETTER heat sinking capabilities for noise
L-N, L-N
Up to 200A panels
Round Metal case
Condos, Townhouses, Single family homes
Designed for US residential market
EP 2050EE
Low pass filter + SPD + Patented HF noise filteration (Patented)
BEST heat sinking capabilities for noise
L-N, L-L
Up to 400A panels
Round metal case
Larger homes, Churches, Community halls
Designed for large homes and villas

Can be installed in every home

EP products use a dedicated 15A breaker in any manufacture’s panel. To get ETL tested values and the highest performance, please use a 30A breaker. All units will have a visual LED to indicate the active phase. All of the EP’s residential products are designed to be installed in any home in the world. Please get in touch with us for custom plugs, such as schuko, Asian and other standards.

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