Waveform Correction Fitlers

85% of the noise is generated inside a facility

Since approximately 85 percent of power quality problems are generated by electrical equipment inside the facility, protection only at the main gate will not improve power quality. To truly ensure equipment is performing to its maximum capability, it is necessary to cover every electrical panel and large piece of equipment. EP’s waveform correction filters use a patented circuit to absorb and remove 85% of the internally generated noise along with UL-rated surge suppressing capabilities. 

Designed for industrial and commercial applications, the EP-2500 is perfect for downstream panels in heavy industrial environments and strong enough for the main panel in most commercial facilities. The EP-2000 is ideal for equipment applications in heavy industrial environments and downstream panels in commercial facilities. 

More than 20 years after the release of the EP-2000, these waveform correctors continue to lead the industry in improving equipment performance. EP patented waveform correctors provide 24/7 active filtration and protection. Conveniently sized and shaped, the EP-2000 and EP-2500 fit into most panels and are designed to handle a diverse range of electrical environments.

Various voltage configurations

Waveform correction filters are available in various voltage configurations, from single phase to three phases. The units are specifically configured for your county’s voltage configuration. If you have a special requirement, please contact us at info@ep2000.com

EP family of products

Waveform Correction are SPD's tooBest Surge Protection Devices

EP’s waveform correction filters use self-healing TMOV (Thermal Metal Oxide Varistor) on its front end and comply with UL 1449 5th Ed SPD standards. The units are EMI filters complying CSA std. c22.2 No. 8-2013 Ed 5.

The units will also have in-built heat dissipation technology to remove electrical noise from the system effectively.

SPD + Waveform Correction + Low pass filter (300-800A)

SPD + Waveform Correction + Low pass filter ( up to 300A)

For DIN rail applications