Power Quality




The move towards electronic ballasts, LED’s, and HID’s have significantly enhanced the efficiency of lighting systems. However, these new technologies are extremely sensitive to frequency noise resulting in nearly constant maintenance, flickering, and reduced return on investment.

Environmental Potentials’ waveform correction technology reduces lighting maintenance by 50 percent! Filtering lighting panels will significantly extend the lifespan of electronic, LED’s and HID ballasts. EP’s patented technology eliminates harmful energy from the electrical distribution system making ballasts filters and TVSS unnecessary.

  • Frequency Noise Generated by Lighting


  • Frequency Noise After EP Filters Installed


While every electrical environment is unique, lighting applications are one of Environmental Potentials most common applications. The overwhelming majority of cases only require one EP-2000. This provides 12.5kA of protection and 24/7 noise filtration. This is sufficient to protect and filter most lighting panels.