ResidentialSurge Protection and Waveform correction

According to the Small Business Association, more than 24 million people in the United States work from home offices. Combined with the fact that a typical home can have tens of thousands of dollars of electronic equipment, it is evident that power quality is not just for businesses.

Computers, home theatre systems, printers, fax machines, and televisions all receive high voltage AC and convert it to low voltage DC. This generates transient energy and frequency noise, which is highly harmful to this equipment’s life span and function.

Finally, industrial-strength technology, without the industrial price tag. EP offers complete residential protection from surges, transients, and electrical noises in the system.

SPD and Filter that can be installed in every home

EP products use a dedicated 15A breaker in any manufacture’s panel. To get ETL tested values and the highest performance, please use a 30A breaker. All units will have a visual LED to indicate the active phase. All of the EP’s residential products are designed to be installed in any home in the world. 


The EP Product line offers complete home protection from surges, transients, high-frequency noise, and other electrical noises. Click here to read our white paper on “complete home protection”. 

Residential SPD and Waveform Correction Devices

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