POWER QUALITY AUDITA comprehensive auditing and reporting

Good power quality saves you money and energy and is essential for a healthy facility. Improving power quality (PQ) can reduce maintenance costs on the operations, breakdown and thus reduce downtime, improving productivity and efficiency. A constant PQ audit can save a facility from catastrophic losses.

Environmental Potentials, Inc (EP Inc), 20+ years PQ experts, uses sophisticated PQ meters in your facility to monitor and audit the power sources. EP Inc’s audit reports come with 30 years of engineering expertise in power system design and quality.

PQ audit and report addresses:

  1. Understand the load – audit gives a detailed breakdown of load behavior in the system regarding power consumption, noise levels, and possible maintenance problems.
  2. Root Cause Analysis – audit report gives the facility the root cause of any potential poor PQ issues.
  3. Types of issues – Audit details if the facility has surges, transients, sags, swells, blackouts, interruptions, harmonics, noise, and any other problems causing tripping of circuits and burning of equipment
  4. Recommendations – audit recommends an expert solution for the possible PQ issues.
  5. Standards and compliances – Audit uses national, international safety standards and compliances in writing the PQ reports and recommendations.

EP Inc also provides the user with access to High-frequency noise analysis of the facility, a feature none of the other companies can provide at this moment. EP Inc worked with reputed metering technologies to custom design a high-frequency noise meter that can address the majority of the non-linear load PQ issues.

Contact us at info@ep2000.com for a sample PQ report and any questions you may have for us.