MedicalSurge Protection and Waveform correction

The power quality at medical facilities can be the difference between life and death. Hospitals are entirely reliant on sophisticated electrical equipment from everything from surgery to accessing patient records. Equipment reliability is an absolute requirement.

The equipment used in the medical industry is generally costly and requires expensive maintenance in malfunction or failure. The loads are highly susceptible to even minor transients, and their behavior alters significantly for noise in the system. Ex: An X-ray machine will give erratic imaging data when its power quality is compromised.

waveform correction filter + surge protective device can protect the sensitive loads and protect against catastrophic loss of data stored in a hospital backup system. EP’s medical-grade filters are installed in hospitals worldwide, continuously protecting the loads and increasing the system performance. The following pictures are taken before and after installing EP filters at an X-ray machine in Japan. The EP installation successfully removed the noise from the images.

X-ray machine noise on the images before adding EP filters

Noise removal from the images after adding EP filters

SPD and Waveform Correction Devices for Medical applications

Medical Power Supply

Main Panel Protection (300-800A)

Point of Equipment ( up to 300A)

High Frequency Noise Filter