AUDIO EQUIPMENTSurge Protection and Waveform correction

A typical residential facility has various non-linear loads such as LED lighting, smart home equipment, toasters, microwave ovens, washer, and dryers that constantly generate “dirty” power into the main power line. The “dirty” power generated spikes, transients, dips, and high-frequency noise in the electricity, causing loss of audio, decreased longevity of the expensive home theatre equipment and increased heat in the system.

A typical surge strip can only protect the equipment from severe surges but will not address the harmonics and high-frequency noise in the system. EP’s patented power supplies are designed with multiple layers of filtration along with state-of-the-art industry-grade TMOV based surge protection.

EP’s patented power supplies are a “must” device to filter out the “dirty” power and keep your home theatre equipment safer and operating at the highest efficiency.

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