Application Guide

Installing the EP System

Environmental Potentials’ waveform correction technology is a proven effective solution as a system-wide solution for 21st-century power quality problems. All computerized, digital, and electronic equipment generate electrical noise and degrade the power quality. An adequately chosen EP system can help reduce the noise and therefore help in improving the facility’s power quality.

The chart on this page will help in selecting which product is suitable for your application. Notice there is some overlap of products. The factors below will help you determine which product is best for your facility. If you have any questions, please contact your official EP sales rep.

Factors to Consider

1. Type of facility: Commercial facilities typically include convenience stores, office buildings, and retail outlets. Industrial facilities include steel mills, manufacturing facilities, oil refineries, or any facility with motors larger than 75 HP. The third category is a medical facility. If the installation is for a commercial facility, select the smaller

size. Medical facilities have susceptible and expensive equipment, while industrial facilities have harsh environments.

2. Electrical Configuration: Does the transformer configuration match the panel configuration (wye transformer, neutral in the panel)? If no, then contact an authorized EP rep for assistance. 

3. Application: EP’s waveform correctors have several different applications. The most common are increasing equipment performance, protecting equipment, reducing electrical losses, or solving power quality problems with the electrical system.

4. Equipment: Does the facility have multiple variable frequency drives? All nonlinear equipment generates significant nonsinusoidal waveforms with extreme high-frequency noise levels between the range of 3kHz- 1MHz. Do not apply an EP-2000 on a VFD 50 HP or larger.

Basic Field Guide to Select EP Waveform Correctors

Step 1: Collect application information:

· Rated Panel or rated machine amperage
· System voltage and number of phases
· System configuration Wye or Delta, (neutral or no neutral)

Step 2: Based on the panel or machine amperage, select the required EP Series from chart below

Step 3: Select Part #:

· Example 1: EP unit is to be applied to a 225A Lighting panel, 3 phase, 120/208Voltage, Wye configuration.
The part # is EP20003Y208 The “3Y” indicates three phase wye (neutral) configuration while the “208”
indicates a 120/208V system.
· Example 2: EP unit is to be applied to a 1200A panel, 3 phase 480 delta, in an industrial facility. The chart
shows this will be a EP-2822. The part # is EP28223D480
The 3D indicates three phase delta (no neutral) configuration while the 480 indicates a 480V system.

Application guide for EP filters and SPD's

The above chart is a general guide for the initial implementation of the Environmental Potentials product in the modern facility. Other factors in a facility can contribute to deviating from this general guideline. When selecting a product for a VFD application, do not apply EP-2000’s to any VFD 50 HP or larger.
Contact us at for any questions in choosing the proper unit for your application.