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About us

About-Us-PageEnvironmental Potentials, Inc. is an aggressive research and development manufacturer in the field of power quality and green technologies. EP’s ground breaking work in the field of conducted EMI and transient voltage absorption led to the development of the EP-2000 through EP-2800 product line. Our emphasis on R&D ensures EP will constantly meet the changing needs of the electrical environment.

Environmental Potentials’ waveform correction technology is patented in Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States. This waveform correction technology is the biggest change to the power quality industry in more than 30 years.

EP understands all aspects of the electrical system. Our depth of knowledge ranges from diagnosing complex theoretical calculations to using real world applications to design cutting edge solutions. EP appreciates the investment companies make in electrical equipment, therefore, we are committed to exceeding industry standards in the manufacturing process to ensure a superior product.