Power Quality



All companies depend on reliable communications to perform daily operations. Information is delivered instantly via telephone, DSL and Ethernet. When the phone system or computer network crashes business productivity significantly decreases.

Although these devices are not susceptible to internally generated power disturbances, they are vulnerable to lightning induced surges and inductive surges. Telephone lines commonly run parallel to power lines, large surges on the power lines can cause the magnetic field of the power line to couple with the telephone line and transfer transient energy to the phone lines. Transient energy on telephone lines or cables will be delivered right to modems, phone systems and computer networks. This unfortunate event while tragic is not unforeseen or even unrealistic. In the age of instant communication it is irresponsible to expose your company to such a significant risk.

Environmental Potentials understands this risk and has developed its communication line to protect your valuable assets.

  • EP communication units absorb and dissipate surge energy within units
  • Energy is not shunted to earth ground
  • In-line modules protect lines independently
  • Protects against differential surges
  • Eliminates unwanted high frequency noise
  • Utilizes TVS Diode Technology for superior voltage clamping

  • EP-2500 Lightning Protection
  • EP-2700 High Frequency Filtering
  • EP-2750 Ground Filtering
  • EP-2275 Ethernet Protection
  • 15 Amp Breaker Protection
  • Outlet panel for Power Access