Power Quality


EP & the city of Frankenmuth

The city of Frankenmuth has recently implemented an energy savings strategy that will cut its energy costs by 60 percent and realize a savings of more than 20 percent overall. The strategy will entail replacing metal halide bulbs and drivers with more technologically advanced LED fixtures. This will save money by reducing energy consumption and maintenance. While many cities and businesses are using technological advancements to achieve new savings poor power quality can destroy a return on investment.

To ensure the energy savings are realized the city will also install EP’s waveform correction technology. EP’s filters will protect the new LED technology from surges while eliminating harmful high frequency noise. Technology upgrades are notorious for being vulnerable to poor power quality. Sophisticated electrical equipment is much more sensitive to high frequency noise in the range of 3kHZ-1.5MHz.

Frankenmuth is also home to long time EP customers Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland, Zhender’s Restaurant and Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn.

Zehnder's Reference Letter

Zehnder’s Reference Letter

Bronner's Letter

Bronner’s Letter