Power Quality


Waveform Correction

Waveform Correction

Environmental Potentials’ patented waveform correction technology has revolutionized power quality for the past 15 years. Previously, power quality devices focused on protecting equipment from extreme events. Extreme events were defined as more than 20% above or below the peaks of the sine wave. These extreme events are created by events such as lightning, utility switching, transformer failure, and large faults.

However, the proliferation of electronics, computers and digital equipment is creating pollution on the waveform which rarely, if ever, exceeds the 20% “envelope”. The processes of rectifying AC to DC, and inverting DC to AC, are responsible for generating 85% of power pollution.

As seen in the illustration below, these signal manipulations leave the waveform full of pollution. This pollution equals losses, unreliable performance, decreased asset lifespans, malfunctions, increased maintenance, and downtime.



Environmental Potentials patented waveform correction technology focuses on tracking the waveform and filtering all of the pollution generated by continuous power conversion. Environmental Potentials converts this pollution into heat within the unit rather than relying on ground, other system conductors, or even loads to provide the required attenuation. This eliminates harmful and unusable energy from your system.

Installing EP ensures the waveform delivered to your high dollar business process assets is as sinusoidal as possible.