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EP Technology

EP Technology

Environmental Potentials’ patented waveform correction technology was designed to compensate for the changes to electrical equipment. 

Traditional electrical equipment is considered linear meaning that voltage and current reach their peaks simultaneously. Voltage and current do not lag or lead and maintain proportionality at all times. The electrical distribution system was designed for linear loads. However, all digital, computer and electronic equipment are non-linear loads. 

In non-linear loads voltage and current do not reach their peaks simultaneously. Either voltage or current will lag or lead and deliver non-sinusoidal waveforms into the system. This non-sinusoidal waveform decreases the performance and lifespan of equipment while increasing downtime and losses. 

EP safely and efficiently corrects the waveform. EP is the only manufacturer to filter harmful and destructive energy and then convert this energy into heat. EP Technology increases the performance, lifespan and efficiency of all electrical equipment. 

Environmental Potentials’ patented waveform correction technology allows as sinusoidal of a waveform as possible.  This leads to an environmentally conscious, sustainable design and a significantly lower total cost of ownership for the facility.