Power Quality




Environmental Potentials’ waveform correction technology can be applied to nearly every application in the electrical environment. However, sometimes selecting the correct unit can be a daunting task. EP is here to help.

First, EP units should be selected based on the rated panel amperage. Not the amperage of the specific load but the rated panel amperage.

The second necessary piece of information is the configuration. This refers to how many phases the system has, typically three phase or single phase. Then is the system delta or wye? To answer this question check to see if there is a neutral wire. In some instances the transformer will have a neutral but the neutral is not pulled to the motor. If this is the case please call 1-800-500-7436.

Some of EP’s most popular applications are communications, data centers, industrial power, and lighting. Select the application that fits your needs and let EP show you the standard product for that application.